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60 definitions by Moggraider

v., tr. to penetrate a woman vaginally, so deeply and/or with so much effort that, in theory, the penis reaches the womb.
She sucks in breath sharply and out of pained astonishment pitched like delight utters, "You're wombing me!"
by Moggraider December 22, 2008
98 53
Similar to facebook activism, the belief that no-commitment activities will result in meaningful social change. This meme results from the belief that awareness is all that is necessary to improve society, rather than actually donating money or time.
Real examples of avatar activism:

I changed my Twitter avatar to green to support Iranis!

I blacked out my avatar to support awareness of Australia's Black Saturday!
by Moggraider June 25, 2009
46 2
To have balls. To be brave.
what it means to have sac:

JFK himself. When he was in office, he stood before the world and promised everyone a man on the moon within 10 years. Thing is, nobody had started working on a space program at that point. JFK had no data to back up his claims, no insight into the practicality of space travel. But you know what he had?

The man had sac. The man had the sac to stand before the world and say “Yo yo, get this! We’re going to the moon.”
by Moggraider March 03, 2009
47 3
Taking back your approval of something that's been said or done, or something posted online.

This term originates from Facebook, where you can publicly say you "like" something, and then have the option to take the "like" back. "Unlike" does not mean you dislike something.
"I really like the shading and texture on this picture you drew of a man in a prison cell. Oh wait; the man is supposed to be me. Unlike."
by Moggraider July 29, 2009
54 11
v., transitive

Taping over a door latch to prevent the door from locking. This verb is named in honor of the Watergate scandal, where this behavior was exhibited.
Who Watergated the doors?
by Moggraider April 05, 2008
47 8
"Miserable User" is the name of a hack for Virtual Bulletin message boards. An admin can set a poster to that status to encourage the poster to leave the board.

Here is what happens to a miserable user:

- There is a random 60-120 second delay each time they click on a link.
- 90% of times they have no search engine acccess.
- 75% of the times they get the server too busy error.

If they don't get the server too busy error:
- 50% of the times they may get a blank page
- 30% of the times they may get forwarded to the forum main page
- 20% of the time they may be able to see the page they asked for.
Miserable User is a fate worse than permabanning.
by Moggraider February 17, 2008
40 5
An alternate screenname used for situations on the internet that require anonymity
You might use your stalker screenname to:

1. check if someone has blocked you on AIM
2. hook up with random people through craigslist
3. harass people you dislike
by Moggraider May 07, 2009
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