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The former Phantom Evil King, also a sexy, sexy magician. Wears indigo eyeshadow, fights with cards, and speaks in rhyme.
Epros is Mog's idol.
by Mog February 16, 2005
sux0rss is the plural of sux0rs.
This IB portfolio on the Newton/Raphson method sux0rs. Newton/Raphson sux0rss!
by Mog February 27, 2003
H3 PWNS 3v3ry thing in sit3.
by MoG March 28, 2005
by Mog August 05, 2003
The fusion of the male and female genitalia into one superior sexual organ, or, a vagina between ur testilcles.
"I want to hump your bagina!"
by Mog August 26, 2003
someone whos name is dutch and recieves orals from doseph
dutch recieved a safety peaches from dose
by MOG January 05, 2004
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