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When you pull your testicles down and rub them on a girl/guys ass hole during sexuakl intercorse.
You gave her the flanker!
by Mofo April 01, 2003
1. (adj) To have either unwashed genitals.
2. To state someone's state of mind when they are in a particularly bad mood.

History: I came up with this saying in 2000 while in pharmacy school. I was watching a video on female S.T.D.'s.
1. Yes I smell that funk. I think you have a little stinky on your hang-down.

2. Don't bitch at me because you have stinky on your hang-down.
by MoFo January 20, 2005
A baked cock that resembles a loaf of french bread.
Mike likes to eat baguettes that are shaved.
by MoFo December 21, 2004
a drinking trick that involves chasing pure vodka with pure beer...its called "The So" because it gets you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo drunk.
Gabo: hey lets grab the ped
andrew: oh but how can we do it?
goma: fucking fucker calillo knows!
calillo: oh we'll try "the so"!
gabo: yea, the "so"!
andrew: oh ok lets grab the ped now...
by moFo July 21, 2004
A time before easter in the christian calander where sacrifice is made.

2. Stuff collected from bottom of washing machine, JK
"the pope has just declared lent"

A lent collecter
by mofo February 29, 2004
Where people kill each other at the same time in 1st person shooters. Very annoying.
by MoFo November 23, 2003
A crack head that is so fucked up that he can't relate to reality any longer.
The brackhead don't know shit no more.
by Mofo June 10, 2003
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