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Someone with a mental disability.

Someone that has no common sense and/or does not think of of the consequences of their actions.
1. Guy 1: Dude, how cool would it be if someone jumped from the top of your roof into your pool?
Guy 2: OMG, im gunna do that.
Guy 1: no way, thats like a 30 foot gap!
Guy 2: I dont care, im gunna do it!
*jumps from roof, hits legs on edge of pool and breaks legs*
Guy 1: What a retard
2. YOU.
by MoeBitches November 19, 2007
1. The coolest bear there is! Polar bears are the only bears that look like snow, they're all camouflaged and shit!

2. To describe a person with good hiding skills.
2. (two kids playing hide and seek)
Guy 1: Dude, where were you. your like a polar bear I look for you for an hour.
Guy 2: Im not gunna tell you my hiding spot!
by MoeBitches November 19, 2007
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