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A girl your friend decides to hook up with on spring break yet she's the most busted bitch on the beach. usually found in packs of boogawolfs or with another species ie. Teenwolf.
Damn Tom, what were you thinkin gettin dome from the Boogawolf
by Moe Miggins July 30, 2008
An extremly hairy bitch. Teenwolf likes to crash parties and sneak into hotel rooms to flash her throwed ass snatch to unsuspecting bro's. she prowls spring break beaches at night. If spotted in a bakini during the day, permenant life scaring is garunteed. Teenwolf can usually be found with a Boogawolf close by. Teenwolf will fuck you to death if she gets the chance. The best deffence against the Teenwolf is a locked door.
So there we were in Panama City and out of no where, Teenwolf busted in and pulled out her ratted ass twat. Nearly choked on my beer.
by Moe Miggins July 30, 2008
Gold tokens with the picture of a clown on it, that you present to someone when they act a fuckin fool. There is no one reason to have a coin given to you but if given a clown coin, you remain whack for a 24 hour period. There are many clown coin replicas but only a true clown coin can be obtained at Fun land of Panama City.
What the fuck did you just say?....BITCH! Take some Clown Coins!
by Moe Miggins July 30, 2008
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