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A southern passtime in which rednecks lasso a nigger, who's usually panhandeling or rapping. Then proceed to tie him to a truck or tractor and drag him through alleys, feilds, ect., until said nigger resembles the color of cherry Kool-Aid. Such events are frequently accompanied by intoxicated hooting that can be heard from great distances, and is often described as the mating call of a male spider monkey. Similar to a Fag Drag
This stuff's made in New York City! New York City? Get the rope... time for a good old fashioned nigger drag!
#drag #nigger #fag #truck #rappers
by Moe Beer August 22, 2007
Pronounced:(Coo-ba Die-vin) What black people call "Scuba Diving" Popularized by comedian Ralphie Mae. Related topic; Norkelin
"Hell no, you ain't gonna ketch me Cuba Divin' wit all dem sharks"
#cuba divin' #sharks #black people #scuba diving #norkelin
by Moe Beer August 23, 2007
Flesh colored puddy used to conceal the top half of the ass crack, to create a false illusion of a neatly concealed crack. Most commonly applied to someone with a bad case of plumber's crack.
Damnit Joe, put some crack spackle on that ass before I puke!
#ass #plumber #crack #spackle #puddy
by Moe Beer August 22, 2007
This is what blacks call "Snorkeling". Related topic Cuba Divin' Made popular by comedian Ralphie Mae.
I went norklin' wit my auntie and it messed up my weave.
#snorkle #norklin #cuba divin #weave #snorkling
by Moe Beer August 23, 2007
Pronounced "pah-new-cho-plass-tea". A procedure used to correct cave crotch. Related topic: cave crotch
Is having sex with your woman like throwing a hot dog down a hallway? If so, your bitch needs a panoochoplasty.
#panooch #crotch #cave #sex #hot dog
by Moe Beer August 25, 2007
A common occurrence in most inner city public swimming pools. Pool water may consist of a toxic cocktail of up to 1/3 oil, chicken grease, urine, feces, afro sheen, lice and lice eggs. East side swimming pools are commonly afflicted with this condition.
"That new pool on Antione and MLK opened yesterday and it already has Exxon Valdez Syndrome."
#exxon valdez syndrome #pool #cocktail #toxic #afro
by Moe Beer August 22, 2007
The act in which a woman stricken with uncontrollable diarrhea participates in 69 with a bald man. During this act the woman unleashes a torrent on to the mans head, leaving him with the illusion of a full luxurious head of hair. Comes in various shades of blonde and brunette.
Are you bald and tired of being referred to as Mr. Clean? Restore your confidence with a nice healthy dose of rectal rogaine, and no one will be calling you Mr. Clean anymore.
#rectal #rogaine #diarrhea #bald #brunette
by Moe Beer August 22, 2007
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