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something said after "hey" and before "why don't you blow it out your ear?!"
Hey crapface, why don't you blow it out your ear?!
by moe February 02, 2005
The cooperate act of being cool.
Man, you guys are coolage.
by moe November 17, 2004
A place to buy drugs.
I got this LSD at Merivale.
by Moe January 26, 2004
to insult, begin to insult
nigga, im bout to fry yo geeky ass
by Moe March 05, 2004
the amount of times to listen to the word job while you sleep so you don't say jorb.
The tape said, "Job 285,194 times"
by moe October 10, 2004
verb, To "dis" someone, To burn with words really badly
I smoated that bitch
by Moe December 08, 2004
A person who thinks he is cool, smart, funny, or fun to be around, but in reality is incredibly lame, stupid, idiotic, and just generally annoying.
Maurice was talking to Geoffrey when Martin came and started talking and trying to be funny. This is when Maurice and Geoffrey realized Martin was a total Hornsmaniac.
by Moe January 22, 2005

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