15 definitions by Moe Foe

A jiggaboo walk or strut blacks do cocking their wrists while dey diddybop.
Check out the wrist monkets walkin down da street.
by Moe Foe March 19, 2005
Two blacks making out swappin spit
I caught my ho bracin up wit dat dog Willy.
by Moe Foe March 19, 2005
The opposite of a " Chuck " which is slang for a white dude. A splib is a nigga.
Check out the lips on that splib they be massive.
by Moe Foe April 21, 2005
A term used to confirm porch monkey comradery.
Dis happens when Lionel call out to his dawg Tyronne. Yo Tyronne wat up?
by Moe Foe March 30, 2005
Slang term for blacks in a jailhouse.
Look at all dem hamsters in the cage.
by Moe Foe March 19, 2005
Like Dawg, another attempt by black street thugs to address one another.
Yo cos, whereyou be hidin da crack?
by Moe Foe March 30, 2005
The cageing of blacks in a prison that resembles hamsters in a cage.
Rahway prison is full of freakin hamsters.
by Moe Foe March 30, 2005
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