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6 definitions by Modern "Luminous" Knight

my god! .... in French
The house blew up! Mon dieu!
by Modern "Luminous" Knight June 09, 2005
258 26
Link's talking cap in "The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap." Gotta love it!
Ezlo is always yelling directions at Link... but it's helpful.
by Modern "Luminous" Knight June 07, 2005
29 7
Another idea that is my creation. It is a toilet which can be driven. It can have either a fuel-saving four-cylinder engine in the tank, or a gas-loving V8 hooked up to the back.
Now that the Toiletmobile has been created, I can go on the go!
by Modern "Luminous" Knight March 08, 2005
4 5
One of the streets found in Clifton, which I sometimes frequent.
I found great parking on Howell Avenue!
by Modern "Luminous" Knight February 01, 2005
4 6
Inside joke by yours truly. Only I know the origins of the word. Well.. an old friend of mine, Andy/Dieourumov knows the meaning of it as well. BUT! Other than that, nobody knows. Pretty much a unique trademark of my own, I guess you could say.
Excalifurr? It must be that Modern Luminous Knight guy!
by Modern "Luminous" Knight February 21, 2005
2 15
Interesting street where I hang in Clifton, in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is the home of homosexuals, heterosexuals, freaks, goths, hicks, straight-edge, and many other types of people. Basically, no matter how "normal" or "weird" you look, or actually are, you already fit in one way or another.
I'm going up to hang out in Clifton again today.
by Modern "Luminous" Knight January 31, 2005
12 26