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Robert Green is (although, we'll see how long that lasts) a goal keeper for the English National Football Team. His job as goalie is to prevent the opposing team from scoring, but his utter, horrendous fuck up against the US National Team (specifically a very poorly kicked ball from Clint Dempsey), on June 12th, 2010, has made his name synonymous with any major clusterfuck to befall an unwitting human being.

Personally, I like the guy. I mean, I almost had him confused with an opposing, professional goalie, but that was cleared up around minute 40 of that match.
Dude 1: Yo, did you catch that soft ass goal that Clint Dempsey scored against Robert Green?

Dude 2: Yeah man, Robert Green is the softest motherfucker on the face of the Earth. British soccer hooligans have probably murdered his entire family.

Dude 1: I'm so glad we tied that, and maybe Robert Green's fuck up will make Capello put in Calamity James as keeper! THAT'LL work out well for those stupid Brits!

Dude 3: What the fuck is soccer?
by Mochabear June 13, 2010

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