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An amazingly awesome fluke or mishappening that only occurs when something that has never happened before. An end result of a chain of outlandish events that lead up to an almost inconceivable out come. Can also be an inevitable failure turned into an sweet presentation of unknown skill. Accidental awesomenicity.
When you drop something but make an attempt to catch it and fail but hit it high enough to make another attempt and another and another and another until you finally grasp it and you look up and everybody cheers, and their only possible response is "That was ridunkulous"
by Mocha Bear December 24, 2009
A conversation that transpires via text message
Wow, me and that girl had a really deep convertextion last night
by Mocha Bear December 24, 2009
The belief that ridunkulous things happen for a reason
Ridikitydunkalaminocitationism. SEE "ridunkulous"
by Mocha Bear December 24, 2009
The text one sends when they wake up from a good night sleep, it is a text sent in response to a text sent to them the previous night, when they unknowingly fell asleep on a convertextion. Mostly sent to not be rude even though the most common response to the morning text will be "what?", because the person receiving the morning text does not remember the convertextion that conspired the previous night.
Guy 1: Hey, how did the fight with Jenny go last night
Guy 2: Oh shit, I totally fell asleep on her

Guy 1: Dude, just send her a morning text

Guy 2: Good idea
by Mocha Bear December 24, 2009

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