2 definitions by Mobzekiel

When you are an unfortunate user of an installation of Windows Vista that just doesn't like to function properly. The daily hassle of rebooting and trying to get other software to work with Vista leaves you with an ass-raped feeling.
Leon: Dammit I have to reboot again.

Mobley: Dude, you just got Visted.
by Mobzekiel June 11, 2010
Any supporter of that most famous of dimwits...Sarah Palin. They are identified by regurgitating the incorrect babblings of Sarah Palin and/or Glenn Beck. They do nothing but ooze goober stupidity. Teabaggers are goober-minions.
Jeff: This woman has done nothing but ooze goober stupidity since day one, but anyone who is against her is against America.

Leon: That's why her followers are called goober-minions.
by Mobzekiel November 27, 2010

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