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One of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. Very nice to everyone. Can be very flirtatious. Not fat (usually from skinny to average). Very unique. Smile can be commented by people as "Sexy" or the "Oh my god, what a beautiful smile! O.O" look on their face. Has a "Good" to "Amazing" ass. People who know her are considered "Lucky." Her friends are "Very Lucky." Her Best friend has the best best friend in the world. And if she's yours, you'll never get enough of her. Always honest and loyal no matter what. Very smart. Very trustworthy with everything. Has an unusual fondness for sweets. Likes animals usually classified as "Cuddly" or "Adorable". Is adorable herself. Has great body and awesome in bed. A Very Unique girl who has very interesting talents or hobbies. More Mature than almost anyone of the same age. Amazing kisser.
Boy 1: I met this new girl and I suddenly feel alive!
Boy 2: What was her name?
Boy 1: Meegan!
Boy 2: Thats why.
I met this girl named Meegan. After i learned her name, Life was Awesome!
by MoamTheGnomePope September 12, 2011
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