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A cool synonym for the Fishing Ship unit from Age of Empires II.

The word is a combination of the words 'Fish 'n Chips' (the famous snack from Urban London) and 'Fishing Ship'.
Tim: Daniel, stop attacking my fish 'n ships!
Daniel: Dude, you gotta learn some English.
by MoLetalis March 25, 2010
~ mooning-kick

The perfect retaliation after being mooned. The victim executes a (flying) kick at the mooner.
A direct hit indicates the perfect revenge.
If the victim misses his kick, the mooning counts as twice the humiliation.
Alexander: You got mooned yesterdag, didn't you?
Robin: Don't worry, afterwards I performed a flying mooning-kick.
Moe: But I dodged you!
Daniel: Whaha, double mooned!
robin: Oh, dear.
by MoLetalis March 26, 2010
Post Vacation Writing Block

When a person comes back from his/her holiday and goes back to studying, he/she experiences trouble with his/her writing skills. This includes dealing with a stiff hand, trouble holding your pencil, or simply having trouble writing letters and signs.
Usually these are mathematical signs or Greek letters.

The ailment is NOT contagious or infectious is any way.

In more advanced stages of PVWB, patiënts tend to stick pencils up their bottoms or try to harass people who get to close. This behaviour is rarely seen and has not been studied carefully.
Mo: Wow man, I have trouble with writing. It has been a long time.
Xander: Yeah dude, I know what you mean. We problably have a PVWB.
by MoLetalis March 25, 2010

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