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A homeless man off interstate 71 in Columbus, Ohio. As a kid from Brooklyn he was motivated to become a radio producer when he went to a local station and saw a radio announcer who told him something that just set off neurons in his head: "Radio is defined: Theater of Mind." After listening to this announcer, he developed a liking for and gained an education in an attempt to better his voice.

After becoming a fulltime radio announcer he did what most of us do at some point of life, he got tired and fucked up. But being a man, he did something that most of us (especially ex-presidents and politicans) don't do, he admitted his mistakes and paid the consequences and has to panhandle on the streets.

He became famous after a local resident taped Williams and put up his video on youtube. Not only was Ted Williams nice enough to perform and work for his money, he was kind enough to give a heartwarming laugh, smile and follow up interview.

As of 2011 he was given a radio announcer position with the Cleveland Cavaliers.
I don't think I can ever be a superman, but dammit I can be a Ted Williams!

If I were gay, that is to say completely theoretically, AND I was forced to bone a guy based solely on his voice, I would probably end up choosing between Ted Williams and John Legend- my best friend Mufti

Khan would never put bum into the urbandictionary tag for Ted Williams, because that guy isn't a bum who sits on his ass all day, he's a homeless man who gets underpaid in donations from passerbys for his amazing voice!
by Mo.Khan January 05, 2011
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