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noun. When you feel that your cellphone is vibrating in your pocket or wherever it may be, you check to see if you got a text or phone call but it was a false alarm.

vice-versa as well: you don't feel anything vibrating, but then you check your phone after a while and find out that you got 548398 texts.
Me: yay! a text! i wonder who it's from!

*check cellphone* Ah shit! nothing? that's weird. I guess it's the vibrating cellphone syndrome.
by Mo-ez April 10, 2011
Inverse Drive-by Douche:

1. The regular drive-by douche is to yell out inappropriate, and sometimes nonsensical words or sentence or sounds that have no effect on the pedestrian, but the inverse would be to drive by and yell out intellectual/inspirational/philosophical things such as quotes or ideas.
Me: dude, let's drive-by douche!

Ron: how?
Me: let's yell: “electrons are waves AND particles!”

“Believe in yourself!!”

“Pain is temporary, victory is forever!”

“Society is a manifestation of individuals collectively trying to be individuals but pathetically resulting in just being all the same”
by Mo-ez June 11, 2010

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