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What the lone ranger called Tonto his side kick. Means friend
Hey Kimosabi - you ok
by Mo Money August 28, 2003
Somthing you shout at Pakis
"oi Paki! take that fuckin tea towel off ya head son!"
by Mo Money March 04, 2005
A sword typically used by pakis
best example would be a Scimitar.
(The ones used by the guards in Alladin)
"He was a fat paki with a big mustache and a paki sword."
by Mo Money July 30, 2005
a little thieving asian
"Aladdin was a pocket paki at the beggining of Aladdin1"
by Mo Money March 04, 2005
when somone gets their hair shaved very short or even bald just like NF's do
man1 "u like my haircut"
man2 "haha thats an NF haircut"
by Mo Money May 05, 2005
what a person has when their fore-head bulges out infront alost passing the nose
"that boy in that Gummo movie has got a buck head"
by Mo Money March 04, 2005
a polite way of saying boys and girls + fucking w/out condom = baby
"Son, let me tell you about the birds and the bees." "I already know about the birds and the bees." "No, I mean, the other type of birds and bees." "Ohhhh..."
by Mo Money October 13, 2003
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