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The opposite of provocative. Without sex appeal. Having nothing to offer. In fact...downright repulsive.
She thinks she is sexy and has sex appeal but in reality everyone knows she is novocative. Its embarassing.
by Mo jo May 09, 2008
1. Phrase used to question the wisdom of a smartass trying to pass off infomation on a topic you know the person knows little or nothing about.

2.Can also be used to change the subject.

Versatile phrase used as a put down.
Guy 1: I think I need more fiber in my diet because I only shit once a day and my ass bleeds.
Guy 2: What are you an assologist? or
What are you a colonologist? or
What are you a fiberologist? or
What are you an assbleedologist? etc.
by Mo Jo March 14, 2008
First fart of the day, provided its before or during breakfast hours.
Wife: Honey would you like a bagel with your coffee?

Husband: No thanks hun, I think I'll just have me a rump muffin.

Husbands Anus: Phhhhhhhhhhhh
by Mo jo May 06, 2008
The chaos one comes back to at work after being out on vacation. Usually because some slacker was covering for you.
Bossman: I dont even know why I take time off...when everytime I come back to all this vachaos. Man, I wish I was back on the BEACH!! #$@#$!#
by Mo Jo September 03, 2008
The chaos one experiences after any type of extended vacation.
Bossman: "I take one f'n week off and I have to come back to all this f'n vachaos. THIS SUCKS MAN! I wish I was back on the beach...*&@#$%"
by Mo Jo August 19, 2008
In basketball, a swish is the noise the ball makes going through the net when it doesnt hit the rim.

A mish is the noise the ball makes when its a fn airball and brushes up against the net but sounds like a swish. Comination of Miss and Swish. Hence the name.
Player 1: Dude, Nice shot.
Player 2: wtf you talkin bout. It was a mish.
Player 1: Damn sounded like all net. If we lose this game, you get an anal boot you cock smooch.
by Mo Jo May 13, 2008

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