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A SINGLE woman who PURPOSELY and repeatedly gets pregnant (usually from all different men) so she can live off of Child Support, Child & Family Services (free rent), and Food Stamps, etc.
Lylah is a welfare slut. I have often been the victim of Welfare Sluts, but then I wised up and got a vasectomy. Now I am Lylah's Welfare Gigolo!
by Mo Fro Bro November 21, 2006
Eebnix for "Jehovah".

MUSLIM: I 'ship 'lah.

J.W.: I 'ship Jovah.
by Mo Fro Bro June 18, 2006
When you rub your willy on yo woman's clit.
"I got Sharise off wit d'ol Willy Clit'n!"
by Mo Fro Bro July 31, 2006
A non-Black dude who tries to act Black.
A faux bro is similar to a wigga, but can be different. Example: A White dude acting like a Black dude can be called either a faux bro or a wigga. However, a wigga is ALWAYS a White person, male or female. A faux bro can be of any race, but is always a dude.
by Mo Fro Bro January 01, 2007
Expression of suprise upon learning of an amazing piece of trivial knowledge.
Sex Ed: Hermaphrodites are people or animals that have the reproductive organs of both genders.

Redneck: Well, Jesus' Step-Dad!
by Mo Fro Bro December 26, 2006
Slang for any non-white chick who loves to date white guys.
"Hey, looks like Tai Chi is giving you the eye Bro."

"Yea, Polly wants a cracker!"
by Mo Fro Bro July 31, 2006

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