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Twinting in definition is a psychological state brought on by certain drug use that ambitiously obscures the ability to differentiate between reality and a drug induced reality. Used in reference to techno enthusiasts and club goers that trip* on substances such as infamous bombs...the likable K and LSD. However a toxic dose of Mary will make you twint a swell. People that are twinting feel as though days have lost they're ability to be separate; meaning weeks may feel as one day because the perception of time is due to relativity, and in this case the relativity is in the hands of the twinter. Twinters also associate they're condition to that of the M.F.K syndrome - abbreviated for "Motha-fucking-King" sensation.
Example of Twinting in a conversation
A: Serious crowd tonight the music is serious take a bump

B: Dude im twinting pretty hard so I should let me get a bump d(+_+)b
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by Mo|Ma March 22, 2010
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