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4 definitions by Mkk

Wolverine (a.k.a. Logan), a character from the Marvel collection of X-men comic books. Later portrayed by the very fine Hugh Jackman. He has adamantium claws and a little less than flattering sideburns.
The actor that plays Wolverine is hot.
by mkk August 15, 2006
155 55
Standard British slang meaning someone who is dumb, stupid, annoying, similar to the dumbarse American dumbass.
This is a dumbarse site.
My headmaster is a dumbarse.
The American's have such dumbarsed slang.
by mkk December 24, 2005
40 11
Rubbish, or displeasing.
This website is shanty
by mkk December 24, 2005
31 30
A general term used to express the rubbishness or shantiness of something.
Girl: I can't play badminton tomorrow, I've too much work.
Boy: Shantytown!

Boy: Shantytown! I've forgotten my train pass!

Girl: Aw shantytown, the train's late AGAIN.
by mkk December 24, 2005
9 14