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2 definitions by Mjolnir1134

The result of what happens when Math and Science become butt buddies.

Jennifer: So Sally, you up for some Chemistry Pre-AP PSAT CAHSEE College-prep Testing?! WHOOOOO CHEMISTRY!

Sally: Fuck chemistry, I'm becoming a stripper, bitch.
by Mjolnir1134 May 19, 2007
Horde race in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. Anorexic emo girl/Sepiroth lookalike race to attract prepubescent boys into buying WoW:BC who think Final Fantasy 7 is the shit. An attempt Blizzard makes to balance the player skill level between factions (where the horde is full of ugly races with mighty-skilled players, and the alliance is full of obnoxious noobs and paladins) by showing the alliance that the horde has the "Pretty race".
d00d i maeded blood elves on teh servar, cum join and stuf and we'll do sum deadmiens ololo
by Mjolnir1134 January 31, 2007