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Something that goes wrong, or something bad. It should never happen again.
"Angela gave Petey some ass last month, got pregnant and gave that fool the clap."

"Awwwwww damn! NEVER THAT!!!"
by MJizzle April 08, 2004
An exclamation of something good or positive. Something unexpected that should always happen in a perfect world.
"Joe went to Kim's house to get some ass last night. After he hit dat' she went and brought him some kicks."

"No shit? Always That!"
by MJizzle April 08, 2004
also known as the wack, dilly wacker 3000, wackatron, wackzilla, wacktimus prime, bongzilla, darbzilla, wackism.

Is the main producer of a commodity that bitches love called wackjism.

Well known bed time story told to young bitches in hope they will abstain from sex. Instilling fear that their vaginal cavities will be torn apart by the wack stick and filled with glorious yet acidic wackjism.
That bitch got slayed by dilly wacker, i heard he fixed her acne with his wackjism 'cough' slut
by mjizzle April 29, 2012
E11 is often used to describe the band "The Early November". E being the "Early" and 11 being the numerical term for "november"
"Y'all ready for E..E11?"
by Mjizzle October 14, 2004

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