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One Delta Ten Tango, or "1D10T" is a military acronym used to describe an idiot, when speaking to that particular idiot, specifically because he/she is an idiot. Usually spelled out phonetically in order to confuse said idiot.
SGT: Your new career field is 1D10T, or One Delta Ten Tango, Private.
Private: Uh, what's that mean, Sergeant?
SGT: (sigh) Never mind.
by MizStewy January 11, 2008
Describes a man who's very metrosexual and isn't afraid to show or let you know about it.
Gina: Did you get your brows waxed?
Steve: Damn straight! My brows look better than the whole secretarial pool and I've already booked my next appointment!
Gina: You are totally metrolicious, boyfriend!
Steve: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, ladies.
by MizStewy January 11, 2008

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