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3 definitions by MizMilenko

FF means many things, some already said, I might (most likely will) repeat.
#1. Fist fucking- the act of stuffing a fist up a pussy *owch*
#2. Foot fucking- a type of masturbation that women do to their male partners dick.
#3. Final fantasy- a game played by geeks, such as my boyfriend, that I should probably learn to play.
#4. Fan Fiction- a type of writing that uses already made characters from books and movies and such that have sex, also called slash... gay LOTR ones at www.libraryofmoria.com.
#5. Father fucker- a person who likes to fuck their dad/friend's dad.
#6. Fucking freak- ... me...
I think I've made myself clear.
by MizMilenko May 27, 2004
Iris is a song by Goo Goo Dolls, my personal fave.

Iris is the colorful part of the eye, my personal fave.

Iris is a flower with 3 petals above 3 lower petals, my personal fave.
i seem to like irises
by MizMilenko August 09, 2004
A slang phrase used to confuse people so they will leave them alone, like silicitors...
Fo shizzle my nizzle, no televizzle for mizzle, go gizzle some sizzle yo mizzle fizzle, okizzle? Nizzle? *Sigh* Yo izzle a lizzle dizzle, thrizzle tizzle I sizzle to yo nizzle to yo televizzle= Fuck shit my nigger, no television for me, go guzzle some sizzle you mother fucker, okay? No? *Sigh* Three times I said to you no to your television.
by MizMilenko May 28, 2004