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A 'gina rag is a slang term for a wash cloth that is used to clean a woman's vagina.
"You washed your face with my 'gina rag!"


"You're as useful as a 'gina rag."
by Miz July 31, 2006
Noun/Root: Mizlingo/Jibberish

This word was discovered at a near laundry mat, where a young girl called someone a Bickledinker, in great frustion at the person's stupidity, which lead to the little girl's frustion.

Other words, a name you call someone who is-- Stupid, One track minded,often forgets, and continues to loose things.
That teacher is such a Bickledinker.

Quit being a bickledinker and tell us where your keys are!


Did you bickle your dinker, hm?
by Miz December 24, 2004

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