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Taking the name of the street and the type of people that live there and throwing it into one! Bros living on ohio street

such as Colorado except to be extreme you would call it Coloradical.
dude i heard of a quadruple kegger at brohio tonight!

braah i totally almost hooked up with that girls twins cousin last night at brohio but i ended up having sex with miss michigan (aka your hand)
by Mix Masta August 09, 2009
When ridiculously bright contrasting colors are worn all at once to cause a distraction or to catch your eye. The ones that wear the bright colors are not as good or as intense as the real deal, they need to be noticed somehow why not match the rainbow? Better more talented extreme sport athletes don't need to dress to impress because their skills are much higher. Usually associated with snowboarders, skiers, or skateboarders.
Dude like I just rolled this joint right and I can't speak right because i put on an accent so I sound chill when really im not like like like braaaahhhhh!! God im such a skittle fuck hahaha (cough)

Omfg! im having an epileptic seizure!!! god damn skittle fucks!!
by Mix Masta August 09, 2009
A chowder head is a snowboarder who enjoys powder and likes to talk like a bro. Similar to the word "Chadillac"!
damn punks that kids such a chowder head.

lets go out to coloradical and be chowder heads for a year! sounds sick braaaaaa
by Mix Masta August 09, 2009

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