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when you take a shit in your friends cappuccino when they go to the bathroom.
*guys walk into the cafe and get cappuccinos*
1st guy: "Hey I gotta go take a piss. Watch my cappuchino would ya?"
2nd guy: "Sure."
*1st guy goes into the bathroom*
*2nd guy takes a shit in the other guys cappuccino.*
2nd guy: "Man he will be so mad about me making him a crappuccino!"
by Mityxm February 27, 2011
when you find someone sleeping, at home, at a bus stop or even at school, and you have duct tape and cream cheese. You duct tape their mouth shut while keeping their nose open so they wont wake up and put cream cheese all over their face so it looks like they just gave someone a blowjob.
kid at school: "dude lets give him a Muffled and creamed prank! It'll be so funny."

2nd kid at school: "Yeah, I've got some duct tape."

kid at school: "I have a blueberry bagel for lunch and my mom got me some cream cheese to go with it! Lets use it on him!"
by Mityxm March 21, 2011

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