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mothers vagina- yugoslavian swear word
Plaèaj mi 10 èukov! (pay me!)
Idi u pizdo materino! (go to the mothers vagina)
by Mitja Rek July 15, 2003
"Kaka PICKA" the most commonly used betwen two male friends, and one of them wants to express that girl is sexy, but it is impolite to use this expression in front of girl.
The most accurate translation of "kaka picka" is "What a bitch!"
"Stari glej KAKA PICKA pride!"

translation : " Old fellow (modern expression for friend used betwen young people") look what a good bitch is coming towards!"
by Mitja Rek October 07, 2004
Used in Slovenian language and it means old people.

The most common use of this word is betwen two friends (mostly young male) and it express somekind of good friendship
"STARI poglej kaj se dogaja?

"Old fellow lok what is going on?"
by Mitja Rek October 07, 2004
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