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The new book by Stephen King
"Hey look at me, my next book is going to be about a scary tree" - quoted directly from King himself
by Mitchi August 15, 2004
Anyone who gets off on seeing gackt, mainly the UK
Those Gacktophiles, with their fancy colas and their horrible teeth (referring to the UK)
by Mitchi September 05, 2004
Gackt, Ayumi Hamasaki, Avril Lavigne, Yanni, and Starmopher
"Don't be one of those G.A.A.Y.S.!"

"I told my mom I was going to join G.A.A.Y.S. and she ripped my penis off and beat me with it."
by Mitchi August 11, 2004
Orgamsic joy of square treats that can be either grown or bought frozen; different types: real nies, fake nies (shopping bag flavored), diet nies, asian nies, kyo nies, polish nies, french nies...etc.
Nies are so great that even Niimura Kyo wanted in on the action.
by Mitchi July 29, 2004
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