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Antipsychotics are a class of drugs based on some fancy carbon based compounds. They act on the nervous system in too many ways to count. The reality of these drugs is that, if you're capable of reading this, then you need to address the underlying problems. I've never had biological psychosis but that doesn't stop doctors from branding me as a permanent head case. I can't say whether these drugs work in severe cases or not, but I think that's probably irrelevant because people crazy enough to depend on this shit are probably SOL regardless of any treatments. Doctors call antipsychotics 'tough stuff' and they resereve that term for all but the most severe treatments. These drugs will get you banned from the military. They may cause you to be a 'drunk' driver regardless of alcohol consumption. Please don't drive on them, I did and I then realized I had to quit them. They increase alcohols effects, and no it's not pleasant. They make you tired and hungry. If you have any doubts whether you need them, then I can tell you that you don't. If your certain then I can't offer you advice. However, if you were placed on these as a child, I am almost 100% certain that you were conned like I was, and you need to rebuild your life. These drugs are very strange in that they are similar to tranquilizers with none of the pleasant effects. Anyways, if you're on these, I suggest you stop them because the drug companies won't conduct proper studies on these drugs because these studies 'WOULDN'T BE EHTICAL'. Enough said? :)
Oh and they want you to take these drugs not because they make life better, but because it's cheaper for the government to have you doped up then acting in an anti capitolistic fashion. To sum it up, the people who might need an 'antipsychotic' (ones that would actualy make positive changes!) would never read this because they live forever in hospitals.
The government makes people take antipsychotics not for their health, but because it's cheaper than having them in hospital undergoing a more radical treatment.
by Mitch99 September 21, 2007

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