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A state of mind one gets from playing Black Isles post apocaliptic role playing game where they eat shit and dream fallout. This person might have anything from giant gecko's to enclave, to a dominatrix mutant, even to a crashed whale, and the nights of camelot (Nie!) on there mind at all times... These people can be extremely dangerous because the line of reality is crosses soo much, the only way to be accepted by them is to buy the game fallout, and become an addict.
::What, is your name.... what, is your quest... what, is the one charachter that has not aged since fallout one?::

::We are searching for the holy hand grenade of antioch.. do you have one::
::Do you have a geck?::
::Yes, we have plenty::
::Can I have one::
::Oh no, dont think so, then you wouldnt be able go finish your quest, goodbye::
by Mitch Chatchsky June 17, 2004

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