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Instead of a CV (curriculum vitae) - some employers may want to check out your web presence... your blog, your facebook, your linkedIn... They may not even care about your resume. What you need is a good curriculum blogae.
To apply for this job, your blog IS your resume (it's your curriculum blogae)
by Mitch Brisebois May 10, 2007
Calling out to the blogosphere to solve a specific problem - or look for innovation.
Our web 2.0 app sucked, so we called out to bloggers for some blogovation.
by Mitch Brisebois May 09, 2007
An image of a consumer electronics gadget that looks so real that people think they're available in stores. This images are usually created as future product concepts using high-end graphics software.
Wow - that's a cool mp3 / vibrator, where do I get one?

You can't. It a vaporgadget.
by Mitch Brisebois January 10, 2008
In large software companies, developers write code, then "check it in". This merges their stuff with everyone else's stuff... Sometimes the developer is useless, their code is bad, and breaks the build of what everyone else was doing.
That Charlie, he went code shuckin' and broke the build again!
by Mitch Brisebois November 13, 2008
An everyday object that tries to direct users to a web site. For example - a license plate that displays that states url.
That Florida car tag is really urlish.
by Mitch Brisebois August 05, 2007
Getting really sick of so-called published APIs which let third-party software developers create add-ons.
Yeah my app can integrate with any API, but WTF - LinkedIn + Twitter + CNN + Pentecostals_R_us??? By WHY? I'm APIthetic!!
by Mitch Brisebois November 17, 2009

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