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a girls face when you are shooting your load on her grill
your mama last night
by Mitch April 05, 2005
Xebian is a version of debian for the microsoft Xbox. Instalation of Xebian on the Xbox makes it usable as a computer and has nearly all the functions of a normal computer.
"I installed Xebian on my Xbox, I r teh haxor!!!1111111"
by Mitch November 01, 2004
An economic system best suited to match mans personality and behavior. Capitalism is characterized by private ownership, and little or no government interfeirence in the marketplace. This is a great system if the government doesn't get involved. Capitalism is responsible for the high status of life ALL Americans enjoy on a daily basis.
A person wants money , so he makes a product and sells it. The person who buys that product gets that money from wages earned making other products, and so goes the cycle.
by mitch November 23, 2004
The puss filled nodules on his/her penis formed as a result of over excessive masturbation.
"Dude look at my dick!!"
"It's my dick blisters, I screwed myself too hard"
"Dude, that's fuckin gross....."
by Mitch January 05, 2005
what happens to all people

it happens to gangs sooner then other people
bang bang dead
by mitch July 24, 2003
When a man shoots his load into the roll of an overweight woman.
Oh man, I gave that fat chick a boston creme roll last night!
by Mitch July 20, 2004
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