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2 definitions by Misuk Shawncok

Sexual act named after the tunnel which connects Windsor, Ontario, Canada to Detroit Michigan. In it a man has anal intercourse (or HRA, hot rear action) with a 19 year old girl in the alley behind _____ (insert name of Windsor bar here).

It should be noted that 19 is the legal drinking age in Canada.
“Hey bro, where you been?"

"I just fucked that drunk american girl in the ass in the back alley!"

"Ah, you just took a detour through the Windsor Tunnel my man!"
by Misuk Shawncok June 18, 2008
When one whines and complains and generally acts like a crybaby. There are various ways CSB can be used in daily life, please see below.
Ex 1: “Man, it’s so hot. Oh, my feet hurt, can we sit down. Why do we have to walk this far, I’m tired.” “Shut the fuck up and stop your fucking whining you Chicken Sandwich Bitch (CSB)!!!!”

Ex 2: “Oh no, It’s raining and I forgot my umbrella in the car”. “Why don’t you hold that big Chicken Sandwich over your head to keep you dry”.

Ex 3” “My girlfriend just left me for my brother, I am so fucking pissed I think I might kill myself” “Want some mayo with that?”

Ex 4: “I just had the worst day ever! My boss caught me watching porn on my computer and fired me. Then I got a speeding on the way home. And I think I gots the syph” “Chomp. Chomp. Chomp.” (This last example is most effective if you pretend to hold a chicken sandwich in your hands and then bite down on it as you make the chomping sound)
by Misuk Shawncok June 18, 2008