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A guy who is incredibly selfless and appreciative! Loves to make others happy and loves to be happy! Goofy and a little weird but super sweet and sexy (such a hot body)! Would talk to anyone regardless of what they look and act like! Can hold down more than 3 average guys combined...drink-wise! Amazing athlete, great taste in music, hilarious!!! Also is massive below the belt!!!
Did you see that sporty guy over there? He's so amazing...he must be a Naveed!
by MistyRFR September 12, 2013
1. A unit of measure equal to 1 dick-pound of thrust. Most often used to measure the amount of sexual prowess needed for a woman to achieve


To convert to metric units 1000 Naveeds is equal to 1 metric Dick-Ton of force

2. Naveed is a Persian name usually given to boys. It is an ancient Persian word meaning "large penis". Through scientific investigations and surveys,

scientists have found that surprisingly almost every man named Naveed has an above average penis length and width.
1. Man, Angelina Jolie is easy it only took me 3 Naveeds to make her squeal.

Damn! Britney is fucking tight! It took me 50 Naveeds just to get up in that!

2. Naveed has an extraordinarily large penis.
by MistyRFR September 12, 2013

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