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Naturally beautiful with stunning eyes. She's the one you think about when u masturbate and when u wake up in the morning with wet sticky sheets you blame her for haunting your dreams. One time with her and no-one will ever be good enough, ever again. She's definately one to hold on to and never let go!
Dude#1:Man, I woke up this morning and...
Dude#2: Morningwood man, I know , right?
Dude#1: Nah man, I had a Michelle
Dude#2: O wow, don't that suck so good?
by MistressMichi February 04, 2010
Bigger than Awesome, better than anything you can possibly ever imagine. More super than supercalifragilistciexpialidocious. Nothing can describe anything thats super great better than awesomeristific. Only to be used when you cannot think of a word great enough or worthy enough to describe what you are talking about.
I had a dream last night about a programmable man that did everything exactly the way I wanted him to, and i mean everything. It was awesomeristific.
by MistressMichi February 04, 2010

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