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A word to used in place of "majorly stoned" when you are in a public place. poned = blazed to the max (from smoking weed).
"I only had two hits of that grade and I am soooo poned."
by Mistress Q February 06, 2008
What young guys 18 years and older are going to be, if McCain is voted into office.
If McCain is the next president you are going to get drafted. Don't be a dumb ass, register to vote. Take control of your future.
by Mistress Q February 14, 2008
Eyes which are blood shot (red) due to smoking bud; marijuana, weed, chronic, kind, grass, skunk, reefer, mary jane, high grade, hg, grade, buddah, etc.
"Dude, those bud shot eyes need some Vizine, if ya know what I mean."
by Mistress Q February 06, 2008
When the smoke (exhilation) from the hit of a joint/pipe/bong is blown slowly onto the pussy/clit before inbibing (kissing, sucking, eating it).
"You smell like sex and weed. Have you been smoking poon again?"
by Mistress Q February 06, 2008
Eyes that are blood shot (red) due to smoking bud, weed, chronic, cannabis, kind, skunk, reefer, etc.
"I can't go to work like this. My eyes are too bud shot."
by Mistress Q February 05, 2008
1: a person who is sub-serviant to another 2:a sub 3:someone with a slightly benign personality 4: someone who lets themselves be pushed around 5: a "doormat" 6: a slave or servant
"You can take that attitude and shove it .... I'm not your bloody poodle." (say wit an Ali G accent)
by Mistress Q February 08, 2008
\'blangk\ noun 1: a person who is void of any tattoos. not having writing, marks, body art, or ink anywhere on their body 2: an individual having unlimited spaces on their body to be filled with tattoos 3: someone who is going in for their first tattoo 4: a pristine, unmarred, untattooed, boring body
"Can you believe he was a blank before he got that zipper tattoo around his neck?"
Do not be afraid to approach the blank. Although they may appear to be different and have a slight white eerie glow, never fear .... they are not contagious.
by Mistress Q February 08, 2008
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