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Mistersmile: Defined as a totally unoriginal and ridiculous name.
Seems to come from the mother of the named person.

Mistersmile (as a person) Might be very strange, mean or even cruel even though his name brings humoristic sense.

Mistersmile (as an object) Would be some kind of gun, or sexual toy.

Is also defined as a Computer geek.
'' Oh my god Mommy! How should I name my hotmail account!? ''
'' Wow.. Mistersmile iz dat cumming frum ur mommy? lolol ''
'' Mistersmile: I might be named Mistersmile, but don't take that as a fact or I might keel u! ''
'' Hey! Say CHEEZE!! (gun shot) ''
'' Hey Cassie!! Pass me my Mistersmile please :D ''
by Mistersmile December 10, 2006
Wardle: Is the definition of something, or someone that is considered as a loser.

If it is a person, it might enjoy alot of ''pr0n'' and ''h3nta1''.
If it is an object, it is usually used to wash very dirty things
(Like a mop)

Used by computer geeks with a good sense of humor.
Might be used by other ''Wardles'' too.

Wardle Is also an horrible word.

Note. Wardle can be changed to Wordle, Wyrdle or Wurdle if Wardle isn't accepted because of it's unoriginality.
'' Hey Wardle! You're such a loser!! ''
'' Hey Wardle! Stop looking at pr0n!! ''
'' Hey Dude! Pass me the Wardle!! ''
'' Wardle.. Hentai drawings aren't god damn real! ''
by Mistersmile December 10, 2006

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