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A Jay Low, jlo, JLO, J-Lo is a hand job or fingering where the person delivering the pleasure is standing behind the lucky person and reaching up between between the legs to touch the genitals. Named after Jennifer Lopez who reminds most people of a one sided, casual, possibly anonymous sexual act.
Sahini gave me a Jay Low while she was standing behind me in the shower.
by Misterque May 26, 2011
A person who has no programming, logical, or scientific abilities but knows a particular computer application extremely well.
"I think Jim should be the project manager on our next branding project because he is so amazing using Libre Office."

"Oh heavens no. Jim is an applicateur and actually has no interpersonal skills or knowledge about anything other than Libre Office"
by Misterque January 01, 2012
DYOK is an acronym for identifying auto correct errors while texting or emailing. Auto Correct is getting better but these errors are frustrating and occasionally embarrassing. DYOK is a quick way to repair the error asap. Instead of typing curses about auto correct (which usually have more errors) use the acronym DYOK. It is short for Dam Yew Otto Kerrect.
Bob: Mr. Smith I didn't mean to kiss your ass today.

Teacher: Bob!?!
Bob: sorry... Meant miss your class.. DYOK


Bob: DYOK miss your class.
by Misterque May 06, 2013
The opportunity to create an app that has none be made yet.
There is no app on the iphone for measuring penis size with the camera. This is a great apportunity to make some hard cash.
by Misterque December 20, 2011

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