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1.A small shithole county deep in the appalachin mountains sparcely populated by hillbillies, trailer park trash and shoppers from Walmart and dollar stores in the region.
2.Describing any residential area with more trailers than houses and front lawns with tied up dogs that stink and shit from the tied up dog that stinks.
3.Any one who refuses the care of a dentist.
4.One who uses slang terms such as "Yous guys", "ain't", "frickin'", etc. etc.
5.An adjective used to describe anyone who has the coolest fashions from 5 years ago in other counties.
6.Where the people are obese
7.Anyone who spends atleast fifteen hours a day hunting, fishing, watching nascar, or passing out in a bar.
8.An area populated by a majority of people needing "special" attention in
9.Any place where every house or trailer or shack contains a rifle and a large amount of booze. THANK YOU NRA! Oh yeah, such households will also have a gigantic collection of deer heads hanging on the walls.
10.The only area that holds the largest supply of dollar stores, stinky fried food, and mullets but also has the smallest amount of teeth. I am also sad to say that the true skooks are very, very PROUD of this... *shuttering*
Yous guys gots to get Schuylkill and come watch some nascar while smokin pot and drinkin beers with me!
by MisterCrrunchy June 24, 2003

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