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Oculolinctus (also known as "worming") is a paraphilia whereby people are aroused by licking their partner's eyeballs and or having their eyeballs licked.

See paraphilia.
Oculolinctus is a rare and bizarre sexual practice.
by Mistercity August 06, 2006
A town on the island of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Dildo won the Harrowsmith Magazine Award in 2001 as one of the ten prettiest small towns in Canada. :)
Boy: Hey where are you from?

Girl: Dildo, Canada.

Boy: ...Wtf..?
by mistercity July 16, 2006
The use of the armpit for sex.

See paraphilia
Axillism is a bizarre sexual practice.
by Mistercity August 06, 2006
A hilarious ghetto booty/rap/ electrocrass/ group called Avenue D.

Intergalactic sex symbols and all-around party girls, Debbie D and Daphne D are the booty-bustin' duo from Miami. They have hits such as Do I Look like a Slut? Stick it in !!!, The Sex That I Need

Musical influences (from 2 Live Crew to Cyndi Lauper, from Jem and the Holograms to CRASS) together to produce an awesome array of songs with all the style and fun of 80’s camp, mixed with hard-hitting beats, and a little "Girls Gone Wild" thrown in for good measure.

"Woah who are those crazy party sluts with the crazy outfits singing those slutty songs?"

"Avenue D, duhh"
by MisterCity April 26, 2006
Sexual arousal from riding in trains.

See paraphilia.
Siderodromophilia is a bizarre sexual practice.
by Mistercity August 06, 2006
Allapattah is the "Dominican Hood" part of Miami, FL, and it is in Miami Dade County.
Mostly gangsters and chongas reside in Allapattah, and most people are scared to go.

"Hey where's your new chain ?"
"They jacked that shit down in Allapattah"
"Why the hell where you there ?! Are you on crack ?!"
by MisterCity April 26, 2006
Hilarious electro song by Avenue D about a vibrator.
"Batteries included no assembly required
you can stick it in your booty when your pussy gets tired.
Orgasmatron, Orgasmatron,"
by MisterCity April 26, 2006

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