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When an older woman with less then firm boobs is lying down and her nipples end up in her arm pits.
Once Old Man Johnson took off the GILFs bra, he noticed she had nipple pits and immediately became aroused.
by Mister Wunderful October 17, 2007
The vagina of an obese woman that is so fat and nasty that it's all stuck together by the rolls of stomach and thigh fat. To get inside, you have to peel the vigina apart like you would a Twizzler.
Gertrude was so disgustingly fat that I had to pull apart her Twizzler twat just to get inside her.
by Mister Wunderful October 17, 2007
Someone who has long, sharp toenails that constantly seems to stab you with them in bed. Makes for a long night and a short relationship.
Molly kept trying to spoon me. However, I wanted no part of it because she kept stabbing me with her razor toes.
by Mister Wunderful October 17, 2007
A person who fears nerds.
Charlie was diagnosed with nerdophobia. He breaks into a cold sweat when he sees someone wearing a pocket protector.
by Mister Wunderful October 17, 2007
The spots of pee that are visable on a gals pants or skirt after taking a pee. Usually caused by excessive alcohol or being in a hurry.
Cindy was in such a hurry to get to her meeting that she had tinkle tracks on her pants after she left the bathroom.
by Mister Wunderful October 17, 2007
Having to go to the bathroom. Number 1 or 2. Stems from an urban legend about a cat that hit got by a car but didn’t die. Its intestines we so messed up that you had to squeeze it to make it go to the bathroom. Legend has it that the cat was found dead in its litter box from a ruptured blood vessel from trying to go on its own.
Dan had to make a pit stop on the way to his meeting, so he could Squeeze the Cat.
by Mister Wunderful October 17, 2007
Pronounced "ba-nucks". When babies or toddlers "give knuckles" to another baby or adult. Short for baby knuckles.
I came home from work and my little man give me some baknucks.
by Mister Wunderful October 18, 2007

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