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2 definitions by Mister Wonderful

at a seedy bar wait for an unsuspecting female to head to the bathroom give her a minute to get settled then sneak in and bust in the stall with ur pecker in hand and attempt a forcefeeding, if she goes for it ur in like flynn, if not u got a head start cause her pants are down and you better roll like evil keneval!!!! and yell arriba' as you streak the bar!!!!!
This is my go to, cuz i'm a real nut for the daredevil bj
by Mister Wonderful July 28, 2009
in the act of having intercourse from behind you whisper be vewy vewy quiet in ur best elmer fudd voice as you forcefully plant a carrott into your partners ass thick end first!
Nick hit the wasscully wabbit in a dream on shandy.
by Mister Wonderful July 28, 2009