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An ass so large and luscious, that it has it's own gravitational pull. Typically located on an African-American Female. If you come too close to one please beware, you might fall into the event horizon--much like a black hole--and not be able to prevent yourself from grabbing it. This term is a combination of the latin word 'gravitas' (weight), and the word 'ass.'
Tyrone: "DAYUM BRUH! Have you seen dat phat ass on Shaniqua lately?"

Jamal: Yeah! Seriously...she got dat gravitass!
by Mister Smoooth May 24, 2011
The most appetizing form of defecation/excretion a human has conceived of. First, someone takes a HUGE shit (chocolate), at which point someone jizzes on it (whipped cream), then another person deposits their period on top of it all (cherry on top)! But be considerate--the consumer of this delicious treat might need some napkins (wipe your ass on toilet paper and leave the remains on top of the toilet)! These delightful desserts are usually crafted at Andrew's house.
Mitch: Alright I took my shit!


Mitch: No...of course not!

Tommy: YES..triple threat sundae time?

Sam: Yeah, I call cumming on top!

Tommy: Well...looks like I'm gonna have to drop this little egg on top then!

Andrew: WOW! You guys are assholes...you're not even gonna give me napkins?!

Mitch: Don't worry man, I already got that covered.
by Mister Smoooth May 24, 2011

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