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Bears Fisting Moose's Vagina's
Greg: Do you like BFMV?
Dave: They're an alright band.
Greg: I'm not talking about the band.
Dave: Then what the fuck are you talking about?
Greg: Bears fisting moose's vagina's.
Dave: You're a bit wierd. I'm going to go now.
Greg: Are you going to watch animal pornography?
Dave: Fuck off!
by Mister Shaun May 13, 2008
A homosexual rapist.
Dave: "I got gaped by a gapist yesterday."
Greg: "At least you're not a virgin anymore."
by Mister Shaun April 29, 2008
To have thrust somebody (against thier will) while both of you are wearing clothes.
Greg: I got d'raped by a d'rapist.
Dave: I wish somebody would d'rape me.
by Mister Shaun May 08, 2008
A slang term for masturbating.
Greg: "Yelping the zebra makes you go blind"
Dave: "I'm over here"
by Mister Shaun May 24, 2008
To spoon one's tuna is to fist one's vagina.
Dave: Do you like spooning the tuna.
Greg: I like spooning your mum's tuna.
by Mister Shaun June 21, 2008

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