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The end product of months of immense training, in the form of a kitten. In short, the ultimate weapon.
Ninja Cat Bob: It sure feels good to have butt secks.
Ninja Cat Henry: That's right.
by Mister Sambert August 11, 2006
This term is referred when a child captures a Butterfly and keeps it held captive in a jar. Not only does the Butterfly suffer to no end, but the child also reveals his/her finale scheme, in which the end goal is to cover the poor sucker in Peanuts.
Mentally unstable child: BUTTERFLY!!!!! Come to MEEE! Become one with the peanuts and die slowly! Peanut-Butterfly!
Butterfly: Noesz!!1! I don't want to die in peanuts.
by Mister Sambert August 11, 2006
When the kittens are young and ripe, few are chosen to begin intense training cycles. Within months, they are ready to become the ultimate: Ninja Cats.
New Born Kitten 1: Hey New Born Kitten 2, what's the point of life?
New Born Kitten 2: To become A Ninja Kitten, young one.
by Mister Sambert August 11, 2006
A fork of unusually small size.
Dad: Son, I bought you this unusually small fork.
Son: Gee thanks dad! Now I'm a real man!
by Mister Sambert August 11, 2006
An unusually large fork.
Jim: Hey Joe, check this unusually Large Fork out I found!
Joe: How exciting!
by Mister Sambert August 11, 2006
One would think that human beings might except the fact that we inevitability lose hair. However, some have gone to unforseen lengths to apply many forms of Fake Hair to their head. By means of removal of the pubical hair and tape-ape to the head, maybe. But one thing is for sure: It's a sick world out there, kiddo.
Man: Honey, have you seen my Fake Hair spray can??
Woman: Yes dear, it is beside the Anal Lubricant. Top Shelf.
by Mister Sambert August 11, 2006
Raw eggs are the evil of the universe. For years they have cursed farm workers with their inconsistent lack of piddle. However, there is good news in this unforseen pile of gravel. One might think that placing the raw eggs gently into the trash might help.
Raw Eggs chat:
Raw Egg Jimmy: Hey Raw Egg James, how are you buddy?
Raw Egg James: Shut TEH F*()k up! yo! lol
by Mister Sambert August 11, 2006

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