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2 definitions by Mister Nice Guy

A shelter widely used by British hippies travelling in caravans, formed by cutting springy young tree branches or root suckers and bending them into a bowed shape, securing them to the ground at both ends, until a curved space is formed. Covered by a tarp, it serves as a sort of tent.
"We'll make a bender for you for the night." "I don't feel the need for a homosexual bloke nor a short jail term, so I'm hoping you mean a temporary shelter."
by Mister Nice Guy May 10, 2006
3. To publicly reveal a fantasy that would better have been kept private.
Bill O'Reilly napolis wistfully on the murders that would have ensued if one of John Wayne's or Clint Eastwood's cowboy characters had stumbled across the Brokeback Mountain lovers.
by Mister Nice Guy March 18, 2006