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The person crooks always blame for lieing.
Crooky McCrookface: "They are lieing! I swear!"
by Mister Miser March 27, 2008
Someone who is not me.
Mister Miser: "Hey you!"
by Mister Miser March 27, 2008
Adjective. 1. Something or Someone sho causes orgasms in any gender.
2. An action or practise that was sexually exciting.
3. Beautiful
MySpace Loser: Sometimes, I'd like to think that my millions of pictures on MySpace is orgasmic to some hot chick in Japan.
Hot Chick in Japan: The sex last night with that MySpace Loser was Orgasmic!
Museum Curator: Leonardo da Vinci's artwork was simply orgasmic!
by Mister Miser March 20, 2008
Prettylicious is a word to describe something pretty or beautiful. Maybe even sexy.

See 'Fergalicious'.
Your face is prettylicious.

His art is prettylicious.
by Mister Miser March 22, 2008
An emo palace is a household with an emo kid, usually more than one. Emo Palaces may contain many emo corners and razorblades for comfort and recreational purposes.
Look at Ashley retreat into her Emo Palace. I heard she sits in her emo corner with her razorblades and slits her wrists.
by Mister Miser March 22, 2008
A chighter is someone who enters chatrooms to contradict everything you say. Chighters love to fight. Chighters' natural habitats are Chatrooms such as IRC and forums. Chighters might also send menacing e-mails to site admins because they believe something different. Chighters' comebacks are usually really lame like 'Your mom ____'

See Troll and Retarded
* christenM has joined **
<lokai> brok: Dude, I heard that Cr0ken is going on vacation.
<christenM> lokai: your mom is going on vacation with me.
* christenM has left **
<lokai> What a Chighter.
by Mister Miser March 29, 2008
When using a vibrating dildo, there might be a tingling sensation, that's boltfyre! Boltfyre is also vaginal soreness.
"I was playing with my toys and I got a boltfyre!"

"After last night, I got a boltfyre."
by Mister Miser March 25, 2008

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