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1) When a man and woman engage in sexual intercourse, generally in a dog-like position (doggy style), the man, while laying the bone, proceeds to insert his index and middle finger into said womans anus. Upon the removal of the fingers, the man proceeds to whipe the fecal residue on the womans upper lip. The look of the woman is one of utter disgust, resulting in her looking like a dirty mexican named Sanchez. Hence, the name Dirty Sanchez
2) A disgustingly unkempt moustache, that actually looks like it's made of shit.

1) Look at his moustache, what a fucking Dirty Sanchez!
2) Bro, I got so into it last night, I just had to give her a dirty sanchez
by Mister Meat December 13, 2009
Pronounced (Fill-Thee-Rah-Mown)
noun, verb: The Distant cousin of the Dirty Sanchez. Ramone takes pride in using his cock to make the moustache rather than the index finger of said man. Thus the act includes: Laying the bone anally, and proceeding to remove said man's penis from said woman's asshole, and whiping the fecal matter on said womans upper lip. This creates a dirty shit moustache similar, but far more severe than that of the Dirty Sanchez. Use extreme caution when performing. That shit stannngggsss.
1) Bro, I wanted to give her a Dirty Sanchez last night, but I said "Fuck it!", I'm giving her a Ramone.
2) Stacey: "Yeah, he gave me a filthy ramone last night, I feel like crap"
Julie: "You think that's bad! Mine gave me a Dirty Russian!
by Mister Meat December 13, 2009

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